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Media Innovation
in West Africa

Accelerating development & good governance in the new media landscape

About the Report

As media ecosystems in West Africa diversify and open after decades of state control, innovative and independent journalism is advancing government transparency and accountability. New opportunities for funders are opening in tandem, with potential for both social and economic impact.

Supported by the Omidyar Network, Reboot explored several of these opportunities through in-depth research in Nigeria and Ghana, including interviews with experts on regional media trends, media practitioners and consumers, and public and private donors.

Citizen participation has led to a dramatic reshaping of the dynamics between citizens, media, and government. Yet, despite citizens’ critical role, few organizations are leveraging them for both social impact and financial sustainability.

The report’s findings reveal two key opportunity areas for funders: activating audiences and providing sustainable funding. Now is the time for funders and media organizations to work alongside citizens toward a fairer, more accountable West Africa—and a playbook that can help others advance independent media and good governance around the world.